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In addition to our extensive eyeglass inventory, we distribute many of todays most popular sunglasses, many of our sunglasses can be manufactured to your prescription. Shop the mall stores, try on a few pairs, and when you find what you are looking for, visit our store or fill out our frame request for frame availability and pricing. Orders can also be placed by phone.

Our tremendous buying power allows us to offer most of the same sunglasses you would find at the sunglass stores at discounted prices.

Any questions regarding purchases or any of the other services we offer, such as eyeglass repair, defective lens coating removal or even replacement parts for the eyeglasses you currently have, please call.

Ulysses #6422

Ulysses - Serengetti
Their price - $185.00
Our price - $115.00

Barletta - Hobie
Their price - $219.00
Our price - $135.00