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Selecting that perfect frame is a very important decision. With today's styles and material, it's easy to find eyeglasses not only to make you see better, but look good too!

A visit to your local optical retailer is an excellent place to start. An optician can direct you to frames that best suit your prescription requirements, size, color, and face shape.

It is always recommended to try on the frames first to get the true "fit and feel" of the frames. Please use our frame request link or call us.

Any questions regarding purchases or any of the other services we offer, such as eyeglass repair, defective lens coating removal or even replacement parts for the eyeglasses you currently have, please call us.

Brooks Brothers #222

Luxottica - Brooks Brothers
Their price - $110.00
Our price - $70.00

Aspex - Memoflex
Their price - $180.00
Our price - $100.00