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We accept Visa and Mastercard Please fill out requested information below so that we may give you an accurate price on your eyeglasses. We will reply to your request by e-mail.

Patient Information:


Frame Information:


This is the frame manufacturer, or Designer Name.

Frame Name:

This is the frame name, it is not always a word. It is not uncommon for it to be a number. It is normally on the inside of one of the temples.

Frame Size:   

The eyesize, also called the "A" measurement and the bridge size "DBL" are the horizontal measurement across a frame. This measurement is in millimeters. The two numbers are separated by a box (). This measurement is normally stamped on the inside of the bridge.

Temple Length:

This number normally ranges from 130 to 150. This is the length of the temples in millimeters. This also is normally printed on the inside of the temple.

Frame Color:

This is the color or color pattern of a frame. It is not always a name. It can also be a number or even a group of letters (such as A.G.E., Antique Gold Electroplate, etc.) This is normally on the inside of the temple.

Not all frames will have this information available. Please try to provide us with as much information as possible to get you the frame you want.