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Welcome to Eyeglass Cellar.com
We have access to hundreds of eyeglasses and sunglasses from
top eyeglass designers from around the world.

Accounts from major manufactures such as Marchon, Luxottica, Aspex, Ray Ban, just to name a few, allows us to provide discounts not only on eyeglasses, but replacement parts for your eyeglasses as well.

Here at the Eyeglass Cellar we are staffed by Licensed Opticians
to provide you with a professional level of care for all your eyecare

Located in Cincinnati Ohio for more than 15 years we welcome walk in
customers or can provide the same services by mail to any location in
the United States.

Ordering eyeglasses could not be made any easier. Please use our frame request link or call us.

In addition to modern eyeglasses, we are also experts in antique eyewear. If you are interested in antique eyewear we have partnered with Ed and Marilyn Welch at the Eyeglasses Wearhouse located in Maine. Mr. Welch carries over 17,000 vintage frames available. We provide lenses for frames purchased from them. Please contact us for
further details.

The Vintage Advantage
Joanne F. Schell
Eyecare Business

If it's Broke Fix It. – Eyeglasses
Aiesha D. Little
Cincinnati Magazine.com

Any questions regarding purchases or any of the other services we offer, such as eyeglass repair, defective lens coating removal or even replacement parts for the eyeglasses you currently have, please call us.

Brooks Brothers #222

Luxottica - Brooks Brothers
Their price - $110.00
Our price - $70.00

Aspex - Memoflex
Their price - $180.00
Our price - $100.00
Ulysses #6422

Ulysses - Serengetti
Their price - $185.00
Our price - $115.00